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As a Hudson Valley Fine Art Photographer and artist, the spiritual and regal world fascinates me. I’ve always been enchanted with Gods and Goddesses. When I was young I only knew about the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. After living on my own for a few years a whole new world opened up to me and I was introduced to the many different idols that are worshiped and believed in in all parts of the world. For this inspiration I combed the many influential goddesses throughout the world and found a few I thought would make great fine art pieces. Between my spare time I wrote out my ideas, read about the different feminine gods and gathered inspiration to work towards a fun project.

And, as I looked at my notes I knew the next step was to find a model, a model who was willing to trust my vision. My vision was a skeletal thought process that I tried to write/draw out but the true vision couldn’t be realized until I was behind the camera and the computer. Kristina was an amazing model for this project! She trusted me even when I put her in crazy get-ups and at times it seemed as if her photographer was completely bonkers BUT she graciously accepted that what we were doing was not the final outcome! I am so blessed I had her by my side, she truly embodied every goddess beautifully!

When artists do personal projects it is because they want to push themselves creatively. Many times we go outside our comfort zones to produce something we can, hopefully, smile about! This project pushed me to places as both a photographer and editor. Working on these made me grow as a visionary, and I was able to go to a fantasy world and meditate there for a few moments. I am truly grateful for this opportunity!

Without further commentary, here is my vision! I hope you enjoy! www.photographybycarlise.com

hudson valley fine art photographer

Innana – Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility and war

hudson valley fine art photographer

Kali – Hindu Goddess of time, change and destruction

hudson valley fine art photographer

Venus – Roman goddess of love

hudson valley fine art photographer

Isis – Egyptian Goddess of magic and fertility

hudson valley fine art photographer

Morrigan – Irish Supreme Goddess of war

hudson valley fine art photographer

Kwan Yin – Korean Goddess of compassion

hudson valley fine art


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