Hudson Valley Photography | 2015 Year in Review

2015 is quickly coming to a close! I am both happy and sad to see it go! I have had so many fond memories and experiences this past year! So many are ready for a new year while I look forward to continuing my Hudson Valley Photography adventure on through to a new year! Here is a recap and review of my extraordinary 2015 year – Where to start?

First, I was blessed to team up with an incredible team of models and artists for an epic photography project I have been extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to do! Some of you have seen the progress and the ultimate end project. For those that haven’t been following the project here is the website with behind the scenes and information about the project: www.superheroproject.photographybycarlise.com and here is the final blogpost with all of the supermodels morphed into body painted female superheroes: http://www.photographybycarliseblog.com/2015/08/hudson-valley-portraits-female-iconic-superheroes-come-to-life/ – So sad that this project is over but I have more incredible projects on the horizon I am super excited to share once they start up, stay tuned!!11x14

I met so many incredible people in 2015! One of these was a woman by the name of Allie! Allie is a warrior woman, cancer survivor, kickass persona who writes about her journey in her online blog: Allie’s World – Allie entered my life around the same time one of my beloved family members started going thru chemo and treatments. She shared with me her story and thoughts and she’s become such an inspiration to me! Below is one of my favorite series of photos taken during a CELEBRATE! session with me in the beginning of 2015. I was blessed and honored to welcome her back near the end of 2015 to photograph her again with her incredible husband by her side…blog to follow soon!

hudson valley photography

2015 was definitely filled with so many diverse photo sessions! Body painting, newborns, weddings, fitness, headshots, bikini models, glamour sessions, prosthetic makeups, commercial shoots, lots and lots of boudoir and the list goes on! Ever since photographing The Body Angel (dancer and fitness athlete, Ashley Williams) I wanted to shoot more dancers! And I got my wish a couple months into 2015! Here are a few of my faves from the session:hudson valley photography jld_46editSpring of 2015 my little nephew was sitting up and all smiles! He is the one of the happiest and most precious babies I know! He is starting to form a bond with my daughter (11 years his senior) that is so wonderful to witness. It reminds me of when I was big sis and caregiver to my little sister (also 11 years apart). Definitely a joy to experience – here are his adorable little 7 month old expressions!hudson valley photography

Technically, I photographed this generational mother/daughter photoshoot tail end of 2014, my plans were to advertise with it for a 2015 mother’s day promotion. However, the promotion never made it off the ground due to the busyness of the studio. Even though I didn’t get to do a promo event, this session still has such a special place in my heart: This is Jody, her daughter Audrey (from the group Moe & Tom) and her mother Robin (playwright and designer) together. Jody was one of my incredible singing teachers and coaches. Her voice is blessed with the kiss of God but so is her personality and soul! I love her so much and she will always remain a special part of my life! This is my ultimate fave of the 3 of them plus a small out take – enjoy (makeup and hair by the incredible Ivonne from litemakeup:hudson valley photography4

Mid 2015 I was blessed and honored to connect with a bunch of wonderful business owners! Here is an introduction to a few:

Alyssa Marie Dunlap – I met her on Facebook during the superhero project. Actually I met quite a lot of people during the project but as I followed Alyssa and her journey/philosophy I was hooked. She started an incredible movement called ‘Live Limitless’ which transformed into a clothing and philosophy line named ‘Zaqavi’. I am in awe of the brand, the story and the people behind this movement. Here are Alyssa’s business and about page to read all about her Zaqavi line: http://www.zaqavi.com/about/

The Flying Frida – Nicole’s painted jewelry designs are beautiful and look like pure magic! Custom designed and handpainted, no two pieces will ever look alike so you are getting a true original design! Check out her inventory and order a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art today! http://theflyingfrida.storenvy.com/

Aikido Master, Dave Nemeroff – Dave is a former high school classmate and martial arts master and teacher. He has close to 30 years experience in the martial arts field! He runs a successful dojo in Lehigh Valley, PA and is an accomplished author! So proud of my friend and happy to share his insight with you all. Here is his Enter into Aikido book and his school, Aikido Masters Self Defense Academy

Button Bouquets – Jenn is a dear friend and fellow photographer who has a love of crafts and buttons! I remember her talking to me about her button collection and thinking that was such a unique and fun thing to collect. Well, she took her little hobby and made it into a side business. Her Button Bouquets are both sweet, elegant and perfect for thank you gifts, teachers gifts, events, home decor and anything else you can think. Check out her Facebook and click on her etsy to order: Button Bouquets

As I mentioned above, I was blessed to be connected with so many fitness teachers and coaches during the superhero project! Here are a few, click their websites:



Eileen Vent (Bikini Boss Chick coach and pro fitness model and athlete)

hudson valley photography

I slowed down a bit with weddings in 2015. Only doing a handful which honestly was the perfect amount considering how jam packed my schedule was in 2015! I was able to personally attend to each and every couple without feeling overburdened or like I was drowning. If I only shot weddings and no other sessions then I’d be able to take on a lot more but this year just didn’t allow me that opportunity. I was thrilled with the couples I did get to photograph, each of them were incredible to work with! Here are a few highlights of each!hudson valley weddings

Summer of 2015 was my first ever Bikini Madness photoshoot! I had a blast with 6 beautiful athletes, competitors and pro models! We were all blessed to be able to shoot on Ivonne’s property (makeup and hair artist for the event – litemakeup). She has an incredible stream in the back of her property which worked out perfectly for a classy, fun and inspired bikini photo session. We cannot wait for the next one coming up Summer ’16 – stay tuned or contact for more info!! Here are a couple of my favorites from the day!wgroup1 82-10etrop     82-187etrop 82-203etrop 82-285etrop

End of summer I was honored to be asked to capture headshots of young actress, Ripley Sobo. I first met this child star when my daughter and her were at the Acting Out Playhouse in Warwick, NY way back when they were just teeny little mice in Cinderella Jr! Ripley certainly has that spark which has propelled her to broadway stardom in Once the musical and as one of the Matilda’s in Matilda the Musical. She’s also been in a handful of films including Steve Jobs with Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet, and Winter’s Tale with Jennifer Connelly and Colin Farrell. Can’t wait to see what else she does, it’s been a blast watching her career take off!ripley sobo             And here is my daughter and Ripley having a great time as mice in Cinderella Jr. at the Acting Out Playhouse – photo by Claire Fraserhudson valley photography

One of the many highlights came in the form of a friend! Autumn, a good friend and talented photographer contacted me to do some last minute family photos. She knew I do not normally do family portraits but she took a chance and her chance was rewarded, lol! Seriously though I am so glad I said yes to her request! I had a blast and if all family portraits were this quick, easy and fun then I would consider putting them back into my rep! Here is a collage of my favorites from the session!hudson valley photography And to end this incredibly long post I leave you with a montage of favorites from each session throughout my 2015 season (some have been omitted due to privacy) – enjoy!!hudson valley photography

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