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Being the person in the sidelines, I get to see a lot of what goes on as a Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer. I have been a part of everything from grand over-the-top events to backyard BBQ’s to a quick run to City Hall. What is common amongst all of these affairs is the planning and wishes leading up to the wedding day. Some plans have been wildly successful while some fell flat.

Here are a few tips I would like to pass along to you as both a wedding attendant and a photographer – and for more tips from the top wedding designers of the world, click here for a nice article:

1. Brides and grooms – don’t forget to eat throughout the day! Whether it’s a big meal or a few snacks, you have to take care of your body and because there is so much adrenaline pumping through you during the day more energy gets burned up so you have to fuel the excitement. If you don’t you’ll bottom out OR once you get alcohol in you, you can forget about remembering your day at all!

2. Take breaks! You may feel like you have to be ‘on’ constantly during your wedding day and I am here to tell you, ‘No! You do not!’. Take care of you – there is nothing wrong with taking a breather to regain your thoughts and rest your body so that you can enjoy your day more!

3. Make sure you are giving ample time to your photographer for photo opportunities. Couples hire their photographer, hopefully, because they fell in love with the photographer’s images. Speak to your photographer about the types of images you love then ask him/her how those images were captured. Most times the photographer needed more than 5 minutes especially if they needed to setup lighting to take the shot. Also, speak to your venue coordinator and make sure there is enough time allocated in their timeline to accommodate the types of portraits you want!

4. Some time during the day, sneak away with your new spouse and take a few minutes to soak in and enjoy the fact that you JUST GOT MARRIED! Some venues set up a nice cozy spot or encourage you both to go back to the suite for a few minutes so take this time!

5. Throw away expectations of your day! Try to be in the moment and trust that all the workers you have hired and/or asked for help will make your day smooth flowing and memorable!

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

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