Orange County NY Newborn Photographer | Sweet Baby E

This Orange County NY Newborn was every bit sweet as can be. Some babies find comfort in a snuggle, some warmth, many feedings or a gentle rock…this baby found comfort in her grandma’s arms. Perhaps she was drawn to her grandma’s soft, no nonsense ways but as soon as she was in her nana’s arms she fell fast asleep.

Her slumber didn’t last very long but the time she gave was enough to capture some sleepy detail shots. Once in her parents arms she quickly snoozed back to sleep so I could wrap up the session with some quick family portraits.

A typical session consists of baby needing to be coaxed to sleep, sometimes this takes a lot of time; maybe even hours – patience is the key!

Enjoy sweet baby E!orange-county-newborn-1 orange-county-newborn-2 orange-county-newborn-3 orange-county-newborn-4 orange-county-newborn-5 orange-county-newborn-6 orange-county-newborn-7 orange-county-newborn-8

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