Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer | Sweet newborn meditation in NY

I love everything about being a hudson valley newborn photographer! Feeling blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to capture new life is one of the greatest rewards of doing what I do!

This sweet session was a relaxing and meditative experience for me. Baby took a few moments to fill her belly and once she was done she slept and slept and slept! Her canine big ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ made sure I was warmly welcomed and comfortable while photographing their baby sis. They even made sure to put on their best smiles during the ‘family’ portrait portion of the session!

This family was one of the sweetest I had the pleasure to get to know. They were so excited and happy to have their newborn photographed and were the best help I could have asked for! Thank you so much for this!

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!hudson-valley-newborn-1hudson-valley-newborn-2hudson-valley-newborn-3hudson-valley-newborn-4hudson-valley-newborn-5hudson-valley-newborn-6hudson-valley-newborn-7hudson-valley-newborn-8hudson-valley-newborn-9hudson-valley-newborn-10

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