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I realized the other day, after recapping the crazy year I had complete with new home and new kitten, that I never really took the time to photograph our little (well not too little now) kitten, Bandit.

We got Bandit around June, he was born April 1st (no joke!). He was a puffball of cuteness who loved to snuggle our dog and slumber in your arms. We contemplated changing his name because of his sweetness overload…

Fast forward to today! Bandit has truly lived up to his name! After a couple of months of cuddly softness he found out he was the ‘man’ of the house. His favorite past times are climbing our shower curtain, unraveling our toilet dispenser, stealing Lilly’s hairclips, eating the dog’s food, chasing Flower (our older cat), escaping when the front door opens, scratching on the bathroom door whenever it is occupied so he can be ‘near the action’, darting up and down our hallway and smacking his head into the sliding glass door, pouncing on our feet as we walk by, leaping on Harvey’s back for a quick ‘horsey back ride’, jumping into the refrigerator when the door opens (he got locked in once by accident but he still hasn’t learned his lesson), diving into the laundry basket full of clean clothes (never the dirty clothes, always the clean), swatting at the images on the television and boy does the list go on and on!!

Though he is every bit energetic ‘kitten’ he still has moments of wanting to snuggle and sleep on you. Many times he is crawled up in bed with our dog (and his buddy), Harvey. One of Bandit’s finer traits is purring at the drop of a hat…something Flower still hasn’t learned to do yet nor do we think she has any desire to learn…Flower is a whole ‘nother story left to be told!

Enjoy our bandit!hudson-valley-photographer  new-york-portrait-photographer-in-hudson-valley


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