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I declare 2013 the year of growth! The past year I have felt a little bit stuck and somewhat unsatisfied with sameness; the same scenery, the same shoots, the same outcome! So, I have started writing a list to prepare me for the New Year.

 Some of the things on my list include:

-Getting more proficient and consistent with my editing process

-Utilizing my clients outdoor surroundings more instead of finding another location that seems ‘pretty’

-Use more of a natural light/artificial light mix in some of my shots

-More head shots and I would like to start a glamour and boudoir offering

-Attract more of my ideal client


After writing my last ‘goal’ I had to stop and think of who my ideal client is. I never thought of that before, I know my strengths and what type of session I have the most talent in but this is not the same as having an ideal client! So I started jotting down all the scenarios in all the years I have been experiencing a business. And, this is what I came up with:

My ideal client loves emotional connection. They enjoy being comfortable by themselves, with a spouse, partner, or their newborn. This client trusts that I will give them a beautiful product just by seeing all the samples in each of my portfolios. They are active with their ideas for the session and suggest some things they would like to try. My ideal client values my time and vision; they also value my artwork displayed on their walls. They make an investment in portraiture because capturing that moment is priceless to them. Most importantly, my client loves to laugh!

These goals will help me propel a better experience not just for my clients but also for me! I am starting this all yesterday so that 2013 will be another year of growth and subtle change!


And, for your enjoyment here are a couple of my favorite past posts I hope you enjoy (re)visiting (click on image to go to post):

And, one very special one that I will always remember written by my dear friend, Jenn! Enjoy!!

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