My dog Harvey and the big scare! – Hudson Valley Photographer

Sometimes in my house it is a no win situation…unless you are the family dog!

The day started normally, none of us are morning people so our normal wake up time came just in time for brunch. The normal day routine is get up, take care of me, coax the Lilly out of bed, make sure she takes care of her and takes care of the animal feedings and then I drag myself outside to walk the dog.

Everything seemed to be going okay until I am halfway downstairs and realize there is no dog behind me or near me. My first reaction was he got scared of something and planted himself in a frozen position…again. But as I got closer to the top of the stairs that was not the case. Instead he just lay there in a sad, depressed puppy-dog state. I go to pet his head and only his eyes follow the gentle stroke trailing down his snout. I call to him “Come on, boy, let’s go for your walk!’ but I am ignored. I crouch down to his level and repeat my command. Again no response just a deep and slow sigh.

The last time my dog acted this way we ended up taking him to the hospital and the vet ran up a $700 ‘testing’ bill to diagnose the dog as having a virus! So, logically I thought this was the same thing so I headed back inside the house in hopes he would follow me in. He did after a slow and drawn out ‘Green Mile’ walk toward the door. I led him to his water and he just slumped down staring at me. I went to grab his doggy bed to prepare a get well corner for our family canine.

A few hours passed and our poor boy looked even worse than he started. I got the turkey baster and tried to give him some water but he gagged and turned away from me. I left him alone so he could try to let his body fight against that evil little virus that invaded. I went ahead with the day’s chores and business dealings.

An hour or two passed and Lilly came running into the computer room saying our sweet, innocent doggie was breathing crazy so I ran to his side with phone in my hand. I tried to get him to look at me which he did with the saddest most eager looking eyes I ever seen. I thought the worst, I scooped him up and held him and dialed my husband. He was pulling in the driveway as I dialed his number. My husband knelt by his side and took most of his vitals, everything seemed to be fine so he told me to just keep an eye on him and give him comfort. I comforted him through the night and tried several times to feed and give him water.

The next morning yielded the same lethargy but he allowed himself to go for a short walk to relieve himself. As we got into the house Lilly was feeding the animals and our dog found a new spark of life. He practically ran me over as he sprinted for the food but just as he was about to take a mouthful he gave out a big sigh and like a pile of  brittle logs collapsed like a heap on the floor all while staring at me with those ‘woe is me’ puppy dog eyes.

Right then and there I knew we had an Oscar worthy performance FROM A DOG!!!

I tested my theory: Without making eye contact with our poor, hapless canine laying desperately on the floor, I grabbed the cold cuts from the bin. Within milliseconds our sad, lifeless actor puppy jumped from his comatose position, wagged his tail and started salivating while staring at the meat in my hand.

All this puppy dog drama over his food!

Who would have thought such a performance could have commanded a dog who just wanted fresh meat instead of dry kibble! My dog deserves a standing ovation – Bravo!And the Oscar goes to ‘Harvey’ (pictured with his little sidekick, Bandit)…it’s just all in a days work to him!

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