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I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and was around when 8 tracks were breathing its last breath. I remember seeing one and being in such awe that music could come out of those, it was one of the greatest inventions ever, said my little 5 year old brain. Maybe a year or two went by and the cassette tape started replacing my aunt’s 8 track collection. Not only were these cassette tapes compact and awesome but they were small enough for my little girlie fingers to operate! For about 10 years I built a pretty thick collection of Madonna, Tears for Fears, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Jon Bon Jovi, Metropolitan Opera collections and Barbara Streisand’s greatest hits…yes, I am a Barbara fan! ;D

Till this day I still have no idea how or when the CD changeover happened, all I know is one day my mom had a disc player in the kitchen playing while she was cooking and that was the end of cassettes in our house. I scrambled fast to find CD replacements of all my favorite cassettes, and I am still in the process of doing that same thing BUT…

Recently, my 8 year old daughter has reminded me how non-important CD’s are to her since she was given an iPod for her birthday last year from my aunt.

This was the start to my thinking how limited of a life span discs have on planet earth. So I searched around for an alternate solution for my business and clients to keep up with the times. And in came the download offering!

First, discs are still available indefinitely or until our crazy electronic world banishes this form of media storage. Downloads give the client full control over how they would like to store their digital media. And the bonus to all this, is downloads are much more budget conscience since I do not need to buy discs, customize them and order through my lab unless my clients truly want the disc the higher price is to cover the lab costs. Clients only need to buy the artist release with the downloads making them more affordable to all.

I have made several session choices and each come with a download or downloads. You may choose from a signature maternity, head shot or promotional session or choose a newborn session which comes with a little more as a welcome home gift from me.

So far the download change has been praised by clients and some even say it is much faster and easier to obtain the images. I’m coming closer to finding a fun and exciting way to download and share images from the web and your mobile devices. For now a download link will be sent to you but keep on the lookout for an even better way to download coming soon!

 Other changes in the studio include the new and gorgeous Cypress Fine Art and Handmade Albums now being offered. Click image to read post:

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