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Tis the season for a lot of inquiries and with it brings a whole new batch of questions that I get to answer. Some of the more popular ones I will answer for you now but know I am always happy to answer and (re)answer any question thrown my way! Enjoy!

Would love to do a themed photo shoot, do you offer these?

Since all of my photo shoots are highly personal and a reflection of your personality, I feel ALL of my shoots are ‘themed’. So, yes I do themed shoots, it’s just all up to each client how elaborate they want their theme by bringing in props and dressing appropriately for the look. I love when my clients get creative but I also do not want the client to get ‘lost’ in the theme because my STYLE is emotional, real and organic…I want to capture the real you, your real smile, a true embrace and an authentic reaction. Hope this helps!

I like the photos where it is all black and white and a few spots are in color, do you do this?

-I do not advertise ‘selective coloring’ in my portfolio. I am not a big fan of this type of processing and I feel a lot of times selective coloring is not done very well by others. However, just because it isn’t shown doesn’t mean I will not do it…I will do special requests if you are wanting something similar. What I won’t selective color are eyes or hair but flowers, a special momento and some clothing are certainly acceptable in my book. There is a fee for special requests beyond what is given in the contract.

Why do you advise against wearing over the top make-up?

-It’s simple, it is easier for me to enhance during the editing process than it is to take away. Smoothing foundation, contouring techniques and color enhancing are all highly encouraged as a base but too, too much is harder to tone down in post-production.

I heard you are not a fan of green, why?

-It’s not that I am not a fan of it. I want people to be aware of complimentary colors if shooting on a green backdrop like a grassy field. Green on green does NOT work as well as a brown on green or a lavender on green. I want you, the subject, to pop from backgrounds not ‘disappear’. So, find complimentary colors if you know our backdrop will be mostly green…and that goes for most background colors. In the fall wearing green certainly pops against an autumnal background…it’s really just balance and logical sense.

Why would you choose a not so pretty background spot for photos?

-I talk about this during each session…I choose light over background! If the good, pretty light happens to be where a nice background is happening then that is a plus in my book. Again, it isn’t about the landscaped scene, it is about the emotions and connections mixed with awesome, enhancing light! There are techniques I do to get the background to enhance you, too. For larger group shots I will find a nicer backdrop because my shooting technique needs to change in order to compensate for more people.

Are you really phasing out DVD’s and discs?

-Yes, but discs and DVD’s are still available and will be available indefinitely, or until technology shifts to an entirely digital market.

Hope this helps with some of these newer questions I have been getting at the consultation process. And because every post is better with a picture, here is one of my favorites:

photography by Carlise is a Hudson Valley New York wedding, maternity and newborn photographer. Orange County NY, Westchester County NY, Rockland County NY, Putnam County and Dutchess County NY. Also serving New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Available for destination travel.

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