Outsourcing: An edit review

After a whirlwind editing journey I endured this past year I decided to look for outsourcing companies. This has become my main 2012 goal to help me with the crazy that ’12 looks to be bringing me.

In my quest, I tried several since most have a free trial so you may sample their services. After sampling two companies I almost threw in the towel because what was being sent to me was a High Definition (aka HD), strong gradient, overly-saturated crazy mess! This was definitely not my style nor will it ever be! I needed to find something that would produce an edit very similar to mine so I wouldn’t have to do the work to free up some time away from the computer!

After my two failed attempts I remembered reading from one of my favorite California wedding photographers, Jasmine Star, that she outsourced her editing but for the life of me I just couldn’t remember what company. So I dug through her blog posts and after about 15 minutes of searching I found it! Her outsource company is Photographer’s Edit! I quickly signed up and carefully selected my images for them to edit…

It was super easy to upload my images to them. I gave them unedited RAW files, not my edited versions just to see what they envision and see if they would be close to my style. After uploading I got a message from them that editing had started. The next morning all my edits were done. The speed at which they edited my images impressed me but the test was not done, I needed to see my images!

Below I have gathered a few of my samples from them with a side by side comparison of my edit versus their edit. My thoughts accompany each comparison. Let’s see how they did…:

I really enjoyed what they did with my image here. The only difference I see isĀ  stronger handling of the blacks and whites which make a huge difference in making the image pop from the snowy back and foreground. I give it an A!

This one I gave a A-, it almost got my style but I think the black contrast took away some of the warmth of the important parts of the image like her hair and eyes. I do like it but I prefer my edit, it was a very nice try!

Actually my original edit was a strong contrast pop similar to what Photographer’s Edit provided but I went with an action overlay to soften the scene a little just because the emotion stood well on it’s own without a strong pop. I give their edit an A because it was so close to my original!

I like my edit better because I believe greens and reds together make a much better statement with a stronger contrast. The outsourced photo seems too close to SOOC (straight out of camera) so I give this one a B+.

The only difference I see in these is a warmer versus cooler version, however I like what Photographer’s Edit did here. I had to give special instructions about the crop and slight rotate I wanted and they did pretty good with my instructions. I give their edit an A because it is just a slightly cooler toned version of mine, yay!

Out of all the images, this one was not my favorite! With all the beautiful tones in the image a contrast pop truly was needed here and they missed the mark on that. I’m not deducting them for not cropping my image because my instinct was to bring the shoes in a tiny bit so I do not fault them on that, they are not mind readers and I did not instruct them. This one gets a B-.

This picture was the true deciding factor for me! I LOVED their version! I had toyed with warming the image up but their excellent handling of whites and blacks took this further than I did. My warming was a hot mess so I stayed with the cooler toned version and a contrast pop on top of that as my edit but I soooo wish I had found Photographer’s Edit when I was editing on my own! Plus they get extra for seeing the need to crop it in, didn’t even think of that on my own and so glad they gave me what they saw as a better version. This edit was an A+, so yummy!!

In conclusion, I really like what Photographer’s Edit did with my images! They were the closest, if not spot on, with my editing style. They process cleanly and in a quick manner! I am so excited I found an outsource company I will be able to rely on…thank you, J*!!

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