Hudson Valley Orange County NY Photographer: About a boy…

One fine autumn day there once was a boy, a boy and his family. Here he is with his mom, he just lights up when he is in her arms!

His dad was so much fun and I suspect is where this boy gets his love of life from!

Grandma hugs are the best and he had so many to give to all throughout the day!

His love for his family is huge and his sweet nature is infectious!

Now it was time for him to show me his super powers because all boys are superheroes! First power: Speed, check!

Second power: Strength, got it!

Third power: Supersonic growl…you know to ward off all the bad guys!

And superheroes have to know how to use their weapons even if they are attached to their bodies!

His two puppies joined in the fun and decided to show their powers, too…the power of love!

Then it was time for some silliness done his way!

The session was nearing it’s end but not before getting his classic, sweet smile good-bye!

I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing another year of superheroes and exciting stories. He is a pure joy along with his wonderful family and love that I get to watch him grow!! Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

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