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Last year I decided to make some changes to my Hudson Valley Photography studio and business. It was one of those easy decisions I really didn’t need to think too hard about. In my search for things to enroll my pre-teen daughter in I was met with slim pickings! There is so little out there, other than school sports, music lessons and theater! I was really surprised and my search was eye-opening; no wonder so many teens are so drawn to their electronics and screens. My daughter has never really been a screen kid. She’s drawn to youtube how-to’s, commentaries and anime but other than that she’d rather be creating! Last fall I enrolled her in cake decorating classes which she loved but she was the ONLY kid and was surrounded by moms and grandma’s.

When I was her age there really wasn’t anything for us tweens to do either but I do remember a lot of cool things that were introduced and learned in middle/high school. I explored online some of the things I learned and showed my daughter. She was really surprised that school taught so many different things like encaustic painting (painting with wax), sculpting, metal respousse, design and animation. She begged me to teach her some of them. I asked her if other kids would enjoy things like this and her eyes grew wide and said a big, hearty, “YES!” So the logical take away was to open an art school. Not just any art school because there are so many incredible art schools throughout the Hudson Valley, but an art school that concentrates on 2 things: The lost/forgotten arts and crafts and our beloved tween/teen age group!

Beginning of 2016, the Hudson Valley Art Annex was born! Here is the website to read all about it! We will be offering after school, weekend and summer camp intensives! Classes begin in April 2016! www.hvartannex.com and like the facebook page to keep updated: www.facebook.com/hudsonvalleyartannexhudson valley art and photography

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