Hudson Valley Fitness Photography | Prepping for photos

Hudson Valley Fitness Photography demands a little before session prep to ensure a successful photoshoot! In the years that I have been photographing fitness models I noted some thoughts and planning to be done beforehand. Here is a list to help you – use it as a checklist if you’d like!

A few weeks before:

-Make sure you are getting enough sleep

-Alcohol in moderation or none at all, alcohol tends to bloat the body and it takes a few days to a week to allow the body to settle down

-Need to up your training so that your gains will show – even if you are coming in for a bikini type shoot you still want to look worked out

-Start teeth whitening but don’t go overboard (REMEMBER: It is easier for me to add white than take away!)hudson-valley-fitness-1

1 week before:

-Get a facial so a natural glow shows thru

-Exfoliate your skin

-If you choose to cut your hair do it now, do not wait especially men

-Start planning your outfits and make sure they fit and are not constricting on any parts of your bodyhudson-valley-fitness-2

3-4 days before:

-I highly recommend NOT getting a tan but if you must please no lotion or self tans! Fake tans tend to be an unattractive color and a bad lotion/self tan is all kinds of blotchy, streaks and orange (no good unless you want to be an ommpah). If you must tan then a reputable spray tan or ultraviolet tan is sort of preferred. But only go a half shade darker than your normal (REMEMBER: It is easier to add color than take away)

-Wax or if waxing doesn’t work for you get a really good all over shave (shaving can be done 1-2 days before)

-If you need to color your hair or get extensions do it during this time period to give time for color to settle and extensions to relax

-Start packing your photoshoot bag! Make sure items that need ironing gets ironed. Lint roll anything that needs rolling. Get rid of faded colored clothing, just doesn’t look good in photos. Hair ties!! Shoes – make sure sneakers are clean (a bit of an oversight sometimes!). Heels? Some like to bring them to pop the calves and help show off sculpted thighs/buttocks…bringing them is totally up to you and what you’d like for your shoot! Also, bring more outfits than you plan to wear so that you have options day of your shoot

-If you are wanting ripped, toned body muscle to show thru you’ll need to deplete water (please be under the guidance of your coach and trainer for this)

-If you are going for a more bikini, softer look then you’ll need to UP your water intake (again be under the guidance of your coach or trainer)hudson-valley-fitness-3

Day before:

-Get plenty of sleep! More than likely your fitness shoot will be tiring!

-Get a good workout in

-Lots of protein, you’ll need the energy

-Double check you have everything!

-Look in the mirror and practice posing especially with your eyes closed…feel what your best poses look like internally…what is your head doing, hands, hips, arms and legs doing? I usually do not like selfies but I advise taking pictures of yourself so you get used to what you look like in digital image form (for head to toe shots shoot with camera at the hip – for headshots shoot with camera at the chest instead of above your head)hudson-valley-fitness-4

Day of your shoot:


-Bring a buddy if you’d like

-Plan to arrive a few minutes earlier BUT don’t panic if you are caught up in traffic or got lost – I am a very understanding person!!

-Bring energy, you can even workout a bit in my studio to get you pumped

-Bring snacks and liquids

-AND, Most importantly: HAVE FUN!! Don’t be afraid to talk to me and tell me your thoughts/ideas about your session! I am very flexible and will help you thru everything! And if you hired me to shoot your fitness photos then I cannot wait to meet you!! hudson-valley-fitness-5hudson-valley-fitness-6


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