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This year has been my biggest year as a Hudson Valley Photographer! I have expanded my business by getting studio space and changed what I offer. It has been a huge blessing and I am loving having a business ‘home’.

So many other things have changed in my life including taking my daughter out of the public school system, going on a new all natural approach to support my Hashimoto’s and taking in another fur baby (have 4 cats and 1 dog, now!). BUT according to my daughter I am NOT a cat lady YET until I have at least 10 cats. Here is why I am grateful for my fur-babies and their different personalities!

-Flower our 1st kitty is moody and loves being left by herself…I just love when she calls me over to love her! I also love when Flower initiates hide and seek, she’s a great hider but not a very good seeker…takes her way too long to come find me!

-Harvey our beagle-mix and 2nd ‘baby’, a rescue and still quite a crazy dog who tries so hard to be a cat…love when he ‘tries’ to protect the household by barking and growling at the front door only to scour away once the door opens!

-Bandit our rambunctious kitty and 3rd baby…he is the typical kid brother always taunting and getting himself in trouble but he also has the most powerful purr…love when he plays fetch, he tried to teach Harvey but Harvey wanted nothing to do with it!

-Mittens a stray we let in a year ago, her personality is sweet but with a little bipolar/split personality mixed in. She likes to swipe at you if you do not give her enough love or if she is trying to get your attention but she loves to cuddle on your chest and listen to your heart beat!

-And, Misty our latest addition and another stray. She is by far the most loving, gentlest and considerate animal I have ever known, and I have known lots of animals in my lifetime! I love the way she scoops the food into her paw and then eats it that way. She loves to give you hugs by wrapping her arms around your hand and drawing it into her chest then she licks your fingers for a bit and then stretches out so you can give her belly and chest a rub.

Here is another fur baby whom I have recently taken pictures of…my 11 year old daughter! I am eternally grateful for her unconditional love, humor, quirkiness, intelligence, snuggles and every day presence! hudson valley photographer hudson valley photographer

AND last but NOT least…My life wouldn’t be complete if the following weren’t in my life. Grateful for their love:

-My incredibly loving and supportive husband…he is not only my life partner but he is my best friend and soulmate! He completes my existence and helps me when my thoughts and mind fail to give me the answers!

-The strong and resilient women in my family who constantly show me what a Wonder Woman is really made of! Only hope I will one day be this kind of woman if not for me than for my daughter!

-My family; both the one I was born into and the one I married into! It is comforting to have the history, the stories, the experiences and the love and acceptance I get with each!

-Friends! The ones whom have stuck around, the ones whom are still around but are far away, and the ones whom remain a loving memory. Forever thankful for everyone!hudson valley photographer

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