Hudson Valley NY Newborn Photographer | Baby N

My first Hudson Valley NY Newborn of 2014! A second baby for this wonderful family, I photographed big sis 4 years ago!

Baby N was so sweet and he had the cutest little expressions. Aware and ready for life with mom, dad and big sis!

Baby smiles and yawns, and lots of cuddles. Slept most of the session and loved being in his family’s arms! A perfect start to this new year, I could not have asked for more! Enjoy!

*Photographer’s corner: I concentrated on a more studio look for this session with all natural light. I try not to use my speedlights on newborns since that type of lighting does not always give me the shadowing effect I like. This session’s natural lighting was more directed at them from the front by two big windows than the side angle I like to work with. Nothing wrong with this at all and it lent itself to some great lighting spots on baby!

*I am starting something new with posts this year by inserting a ‘photographer’s corner’ somewhere within the post itself. Just a little tip into my session so that photographers will have a small ‘inside’ look to how I work. 🙂

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