Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer | Slumber is so sweet!

On average most newborns need to be lulled and relaxed into a deep sleep. This Hudson Valley Newborn needed none of that. He gave me a full session of sleepy goodness!

I now can count on a hand and a half of how many babies needed little to no coaxing to sleep in the 5+ years I have been photographing newborns. The ONLY thing that makes me sad when babies are so ready and willing to sleep through their session right from the start is I get very little snuggle time with them. Oh how I cherish my newborn cuddles but I’d rather babies feel safe and calm so I do without when sessions like these present themselves.

Enjoy this sweet little slumbering baby, I sure did!!       hudson-valley-newborn-photographer-2hudson-valley-newborn-photographer-1hudson-valley-newborn-photographer-3hudson-valley-newborn-photographer-5hudson-valley-newborn-photographer-4hudson-valley-newborn-photographer-7hudson-valley-newborn-photographer-6hudson-valley-newborn-photographer-8

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