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I have a lot of patience, at least I think I do. Very little gets me ruffled and if I do get tensed something must have really worked itself into my tough exterior! Like having to repeat myself…sometimes I feel like a broken record and after about the 5th repeat I am ready to knock down some doors.

I would describe my temper as red hot Latin with a little Samurai mixed in, lol! My warm, sweet, whisper-like voice turns into yippy Chihuahua with a volume intensity that could break glass…at least that is what my daughter has described it like.

These are some other things that could get my blood boiling:

Receiving caffeinated instead of decaf coffee (the strength in regular makes my heart palpitate and anxious so instead of feeling like I am dieing throughout my day I choose a little bit of a good thing…despite what my friends think, decaf is NOT DIRT, lol!!)blog1

Illogical thinking…Logic is SO MUCH easier than most people give it credit for!! 🙂blog2

MEAN PEOPLE…enough said!!blog3

But these could absolutely HEAL my heart:


My business and the new people I have met over the years!blogtimelinenew

My past and my present (my 91 year old abuelita and my not-so-little girl)!gl1

ICE CREAM!!!!!! (vision it being said like Cookie Monster!)blog5


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