New York and Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer | One Whole Year

It’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR living in our new home! Being busy as a New York and Hudson Valley wedding and portrait photographer I do not know where the time has gone! So many things have happened in our first year:

-I got to watch the first flowers bloom and be in awe at how many gorgeous plants surrounded us

Lilly got to be the first to bake in our new kitchen

-We welcomed a new kitten into the family

-Harvey has escaped numerous amounts of times and called my bluff to the point of exhaustion

-We UNsuccessfully put up our first pool (long story short…tried to do the easy and cheap thing by doing all the leveling and construction ourselves and after many tears, lots of frustration and petty arguments we had a lopsided pool for all of 2 weeks)

-Enjoyed a few BBQ’s with friends and family

-Had our very first family holiday gathering on Christmas where we made way too much food for the 9 of us

-We survived a broken washer and thought our pump was going too but it just needed draining

-Broke our backs hand shoveling our large driveway several times which led both my husband and his brother on a treacherous drive through a major snow/ice storm to buy a snow blower (Yup, can’t even make this stuff up!)

We welcome the new year and all the things it has in store for us in our home. I am so happy here despite all the drama leading up to contract and mortgage signing but as everyone has told us ‘IT WAS WORTH IT!!”

Our house! I love it and couldn’t be happier!wIMG_0001

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