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During a recent Hudson Valley NY Newborn Photographer consult I was asked a few questions that I have not been asked in all the years I have been in business. I absolutely love that parents are so concerned for their soon-to-be newborn and think of covering all bases. I think more parents should ask questions, lots of questions!

Here are some questions (not necessarily asked during this recent consult) that you never thought to ask!

What are your sessions like?

-Upon arriving to my studio I want you to settle and make yourself at home in the client room. I try to make my studio as inviting and comfortable as I can. We will chat for a little while so I can get to know you a little better, point out all the areas in the studio so you are at ease, ask for your ideas so I am better able to style the session and then we slowly gravitate to the portrait room. Often I talk about what I am about to do, how I am about to approach the setup and what I will be doing next. I do get photographically technical at times and I do apologize in advance because I know 90% of what I talk about camera-wise goes over people’s heads! I want you to know why I do what I do at any given second plus it gets you involved in the session and helps you understand the process as it is in progress!

Are you a smoker?

-No, I am not a smoker nor have I ever been AND no one who resides with me at home smokes! (I think this is such a wonderful question because of the amount of time a photographer spends snuggling a baby. You just never know and newborn’s lungs are very new to breathing outside of the womb so I believe caution needs to be taken no matter how unimportant it may seem.)

How do you wash your blankets/props?

-I use ivory soap because it is the purest and gentlest. Sometimes I use scent-free fabric softener if a certain blanket needs it. ALL of my blankets and any coverings get washed after every session and I actually like to use blankets that my clients may have on hand to keep the session personal and special, and so every baby I photograph doesn’t all look the same with the same blankets/surroundings.

I would like you to recreate some images I found on the internet.

-Recreating someone else’s art is not something I enjoy doing. My aesthetic is natural, organic, simple and pure. I do not have any chain studio backdrops or props nor do I special order anything for a session. I will try to include things that are important in a session like a special blanket, gift or heirloom. Composite poses are definitely not a trend I adhere to (please read more on this on my website under investment). If these are the types of images you are seeking I can give you a list of photographers/studios who specialize in these types of creations.

Do you have pets?

-Yes, I have cats and a dog that live at home. After my blankets are washed and dried I keep them in a plastic bag until the day of our photo shoot.

Are you opposed to taking your shoes off in my house?

-Actually I prefer to shoot without shoes. First, I do not like to track in any outside dirt into my clients home if I travel to your home/location for the session. And, secondly, I want to be as comfortable as possible especially in a newborn shoot!

How soon after our arrival do you handle/snuggle with the baby?

-I will never initially hold or touch your newborn until I have disinfected my hands. I have only had one client who questioned this practice because they thought I would want to hold baby as soon as I saw them. I would LOVE to hold my newborns as soon as I lay eyes on them but out of respect for your newborn and you I ALWAYS disinfect my hands before any contact is made…please do not feel as if I am ignoring your baby at first, there is PLENTY of time for me to clock in as much snuggle time as needed!

Is it your policy to have mom or dad outside of the room/area while you are photographing baby?

-I actually prefer at least one parent or helper with me at all times. Having that extra hand sometimes is a great help to me and to you!

I hope if there are any other questions you feel free to ask. No question is ever turned away – I am an open book and will respond to your emails/messages as soon as possible! And as always I would be more than happy to meet with you any day!!newborn-hudson-valley

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  1. Lovely photo of this little one.