Settling into normalcy

It’s been a whole week since the BIG MOVE, and I’d have to say we are settling in nicely. Yeah, we still have a few dozen boxes left to unpack but all the important stuff is out and we did our best to make everything livable. All in due time is my motto these days, between clients and life the rest of the boxes will take a backseat until pockets of free time become available.

Actually, today we had a free day. I was able to spread the area rugs down and empty 2 more boxes filled with kitchen stuff (for a person who has no kitchen talent whatsoever I sure have a lot of kitchen stuff!). So far, the kitchen has been my favorite place to hang lately. I’ve made 4 big family meals during the past week and finally was able to bake our ‘Welcome Home’ cupcakes! Who knows, this may be the start of a new friendship – cooking and I!

And here is our cupcake session from today. Lilly definitely did not inherit her mommy’s non-cooking talent or disdain for anything homemade…thank goodness!!She is in her element and loving every minute of it……I just love her playful personality, it keeps the sunshine in my days!!All done and almost ready to eat!If you look really close you’ll find her own little signature stamp she likes to put on everything she’s done…I’ll give you some hints: It is in a red cake holder and it is in from the right…oh, alright here’s another hint 🙂

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