Orange County NY Photographer: New house equals new memories!

We are settling in our new house nicely and it’s definitely having that lived in look! About a handful of boxes left with Lilly’s room still needing TLC, it’s the one room I’ve been procrastinating since she has SO MUCH STUFF! No matter how much I try to downsize there still seems to be too much! Oh well, this house (and her room) will be a forever work in progress…I have thoroughly convinced myself of that!

Even though the house isn’t quite done unpacking and decorating-wise, I thought it too long not to post some pictures. Hope you enjoy!

The front of the house with it’s L shaped semi-wrap around deck (will be spending lots of time out there when the weather gets warmer!).The back of the house…not much to look at at the moment but we plan for a picnic table and some other outdoorsy stuff for there.The backyard…has a nice sized shed and pre-existing garden that I plan to resurrect.One of my favorite little hidden gems…a rooster bell for the downstairs.

The next images are some decorations throughout Lilly’s room: In my quest to make her living area comfortable I went the route of decorating first with her treasured art pieces throughout the years.These were a house warming gift from her doctor.And this is some of her decorations from Valentine’s, she’s decided Valentine’s is year round and plans to keep it up forever! Hope you enjoyed! Will post interior in the coming weeks…or whenever I stop procrastinating! 🙂

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