Christmas Family: Hudson Valley Goshen NY Photographer

This season has been unusually warm and I would have never thought a holiday session would have occurred outdoors but this next session did…and boy was the end of November tropical! But, to get in the mood of the season the family opted for more fall-like attire which worked so well.

I’ve known the mom of this family since 2006 because she is my doctor. She is the one who diagnosed my Hashimoto’s disease and has become the family doctor with John and Lilly as patients of hers, too. She is by far the BEST doctor I have ever had. She is kind, thorough, knowledgeable, tough, honest and she truly treats each patient as a person and not an appointment. I cannot say enough good things about her…and if you are in need of an excellent doctor in the Hudson Valley region contact me and I will share her info with you!

An extra special treat was having my daughter accompany me on this session and act as my assistant. She did an awesome job making our little 4yr old boy laugh, follow directions and have fun. She also anticipated my needs and even used my back-up camera and took some pictures alongside me as a 2nd shooter. I couldn’t have been more proud of her and my doctor raved at what Lilly captured! I included one of her shots, it’s the last image of this blog post. Hope you enjoy!

He just turned 4 a few days before so we had to get a couple of him by himself to honor his birthday!
A beautiful family!!
Big brother and little brother…so much love and an incredible amount of history to pass down!

Grandma and her grandson…I love generational portraits!
Big brother, a Cornell University student!
This is one of my favorite type of activities to capture between children and parents…so much fun!
Golden hour sun = pure yumminess!
My assistant, 8 yr old Lilly, took this sweet shot…one of mom’s faves!

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