New York Photographer: New Year Inspirations…instead of resolutions!

I welcome the new year with open arms but instead of making resolutions I am going to start a new tradition and make New Year Inspirations!!

I am often inspired by random things in life and feel it is the one thing that helps keep me going so I am going to share 5 new Inspirations with you in hopes that maybe they will inspire you, too!

1. Zoe Berkovic – photographer : Her images are amazing, clean and stylized! I am in awe of her relationship with children and how she gets them to just be. Her use of natural and artificial lighting is beyond inspiring and I constantly go to her blog in hopes that I may gain some of her magic in some of my sessions. Pure beauty, that’s all I can say!

2. Andres Valenzuela – wedding photographer : I was recently introduced to this artist by my very good friend Jenn, she found inspiration in him and wanted to share her joy with me and I am so excited she did! I aspire to what Andres does so well, the natural emotion/scene in action! I’ve always believed emotions can be made into a work of art not by gimmicky poses or props but by just capturing the in-between moments. He’s the real thing and I can only hope that some of his awesomeness will rub off on to me (or he does a workshop soon so I can pick his brain, lol!).

3. Brooke Fraser – singer/songwriter : This Christian indie/rock/pop/folk artist has been my constant companion during some of my longer editing sessions this past year. Her sweet, sultry yet lyrical voice, inspiring lyrics and gentle beats are just enough to keep me swaying, humming and tapping away at the computer. Just love her music!

4. Bri Swateck – Hudson Valley DJ : Can I just start out by saying Bri is one of the coolest and nicest guys around! He is an amazingly talented DJ but what makes him even more inspiring is his willingness to help, network and cheer for you. Photographers – if you are ever lucky enough to work side-by-side with Bri you will not be disappointed, he’s a team player in every sense of the word! Future clients/couples – you will never go wrong hiring Bri as your DJ, he truly makes sure your event is a fun and unforgettable experience!

5. Random notes of encouragement and gratitude from my clients!! I’ve been getting so many this year and I am in a constant state of LOVE – there is nothing better than being inspired by your clients!

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