Part of singing and dancing but this time indoors: Cornwall NY Hudson Valley baby Photographer

Because I always try to do things a little different the 2nd time around; this Part 2 of Just singing and dancing in the rain (click to read 1st part) I aimed for a more dreamy ‘day-in-the-life’ of this sweet angel. I knew from the past she had an adorable room so I wanted to match that with what I captured and decided not to use flash and keep this a bit hazy. This was taken on the same day and a few minutes after coming in from splashing in the puddles so I thought the change would be nice and I am thrilled with some of the effects I got here – hope you enjoy, too!

Lots of pictures going though the day but this was my ultimate favorite!

Being inside started with some drawing.

But she quickly had me following her upstairs to her room.

 Showing me that she can put her shoes on all by herself.

 Then she picked out a book and read it on ‘grandpa’s chair’ he specially built for his sweetie!

 A quick game of hide and seek and then we were off to another part of the house…

 …the laundry room where we played more hide and seek but this time with the glass door on the washer.

 Then she surprised me and hide behind the curtain in the guest bedroom…except she didn’t know I knew where she was until she ‘found’ me!

 Storytime with mom, some of the most precious moments between a parent and child!

 The end of the story just isn’t complete without some tickle time…Goofy got in the fun, too!

 After all those giggles and tickles I was shown back downstairs where she put on her red ‘squeek’ shoes…you can’t hear them here but trust me these shoes squeek when she walked, the cutest thing!!

Our session came to an end and I left with a huge smile on my face…a fun day for me capturing a beautiful little spirit!

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