Just singing and dancing in the rain!! – Part 1: New York Photographer

I had the pleasure of capturing this sweeties first whole year of life and was invited back to capture her again at age 2…I couldn’t have been more excited to do so!

It rained earlier in the morning but by the time I got to her it stopped and the sky was bright white, perfect for an outdoor puddle splashing session. She dressed for the occasion in her ladybug boots and moose umbrella. Everything around her was a wonderland but she just mostly wanted to show me her little world. Mom joined in the session encouraging her to jump into the big puddles but she was more curious about the walnuts and leaves the rain left behind.

This is actually a 2-part blog post since we went inside for some more fun after we came back from our splash session. I hope you enjoy this first part…I had a blast getting to know her again!

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