New York Maternity Photographer: Celebrating life and love!

Being referred by past clients is the ultimate compliment every business is grateful for; and I am spinning around the room doing the happy dance for this next session:

Not only is this soon-to-be mommy and daddy dripping gorgeousness but they also happen to be the coolest and most beautiful people on the inside, too!

Momma had a set goal and plan for me and I thank her for trusting my vision, too! She wanted to celebrate not only her twin boys but also the love and life that pregnancy gives to a woman. Her connections with her husband are some of the most intimate moments I’ve had the pleasure to capture!

Here is a sneak-peek at some of the images I captured for them – hope you enjoy!! The entire session is featured on my website – click here and then click ‘featured’.

This next image is a little tribute, the beautiful chair in the background was her grandmother’s…I hope the vintage beauty shows through.

This was one of the first images I took, even from the beginning momma’s beauty was powerful!

This is my ultimate, hands down favorite captures of the couple…I saw the sun shining and had to grab it before it ran away!

This is another of the sun shots, I envisioned it and prayed that it came out as I had it in mind…I think it did!

I liked how the subtlety of the light lit up key ingredients in the room.

And this is the last I will share here…I was having fun with composition and angle and thought the feet was a cute way of leading you to the beautiful momma. And the couple picture on the right is a classic, every session needs at least one classic image!

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