Printing comparison: Orange County NY Photographer

I’ve been telling my clients for years that nothing beats a professionally printed digital image. But sometimes telling just doesn’t compare to a visual.

Since I’ve been seeing a few blog posts lately from other photographers comparing printing quality from different labs, I thought I would do my own about it as a visual for all my clients.

Below I scanned (gasp) prints I received from different labs. The scanning process did darken the images ever so slightly but I think you can get an overall feel of what happens when you do not trust a professional source to print your digital images…the proof is in the comparison and I just cannot stress enough in getting your images printed right!

print comparison 2013

Clearly the winner in all these is the lab I choose for printing, my monitor is calibrated for their printers and they get the color the truest to the original digital image on my hard-drive.

Rite Aid, Walmart and Kodak all were printed on Kodak pro-grade paper but the color files and calibration they set for themselves differ so much you just don’t know what you are going to get or what it is going to do to your image.

Photography is an investment, why would you want to cheapen it by putting a badly printed image on your walls for all to see? It makes sense for your investment to go pro all the way!

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