Orange County NY Wedding Photographer: This Love…

He is from Peru, she is from upstate New York…love brought them together in the state of Georgia!

Seeing and experiencing their bond was pure magic. They had such respect for each other and their love was special, sweet and so much fun to capture!

The bride went the route of doing most of all the planning and decorating herself, she even hand picked me telling her mother (who booked me) that if I were unavailable for her planned date she would change it just to make sure she had me as her photographer. I AM HONORED and beyond appreciative of her trust and admiration for me!

I hope you all enjoy what I documented for this incredible couple and their family. This wedding will forever live in my heart…it was beyond anything I had ever imagined! THANK YOU!!

(p.s. lots of pictures contained in this post so scroll to the bottom to enjoy them all)

Originally, my bride opted not to have a first look but after getting amazing advice from her friends she changed her mind…and boy am I thankful that she did! Priceless emotions and amazing reactions from the groom and bride, I am just in love with this series!

Here is something a little fun and different: The following are similar shots from different viewpoints. The first is from my very talented and awesome 2nd photographer, Jennifer Karon, and the second is my viewpoint.

Here’s another: The left image is Jennifer’s and mine is on the right! I love different viewpoints; keeps things fresh, new and exciting!!

With its historic charm and sweet decor, you were invited to celebrate with the most poignant crucifix when you enter the church! I could not stop staring and I felt as if I were being summoned by its presence…a profound symbol to behold!

After family formals I lured my couple away to an old barn next to the church. This couple was gorgeous in every way! Loved their smiles, secret kisses, laughter and sweet caresses!

Not only are these two so incredibly beautiful together, they both rocked out their individual portraits!

The atmosphere and feel of both the wedding and dinner reception was so intimate and delicate, it was so fitting that every single detail, decoration, arrangement were done by the beautiful bride! She is so incredibly creative, it was a pleasure to archive her amazing talent and beautiful style!!

The toast and speeches were very touching by both the maid of honor (sister of the bride) and best man (cousin of the groom)…I believe I wiped a tear or two myself!

And a wedding just isn’t complete without the cutting of the cake – yum!

Huge congratulations to my bride and groom. May life provide you with continued grace! Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of your amazing day…much more to come when your website is done.

Pssst…here is one last post: A sneak peek into the album design…coming next! Thank you for looking!!

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