Happy Mother’s Day from photography by Carlise

Mother’s Day has such special meaning to me because of the mom that I have. Some know that my mom raised me as a single mom for many years before meeting and marrying my father. Her sacrifice for me is so greatly appreciated and I thank her every day for the love and strong commitment she put into taking care of me! My mom is one of the strong ones, one of those moms who don’t take nothin’ from no one yet has a big heart of gold!

A few of my favorite images of my mom with Lilly throughout the years!

And a lil tribute to my granny who will be celebrating her 89th birthday this month (w/Lilly at around 9 months old).

And to all the moms who have inspired me, supported me and who have allowed me to get to know them and then look up to them for strength, I thank you all (you know who you are)!! Love you – have a wonderful Mother’s day!!

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