Captain Lil Sparrow: Orange County NY Photographer

The other day we were all having a lazy day. Nothing was planned, of course the house needed cleaning and laundry put away, but we all decided to just have a do nothing day (we are entitled to at least one per year, lol!). We played a couple of games, watched a movie on Netflix and then went on to do our own thing. Forgot what my husband was doing but I took out my Sudoku and vegged out on the couch.

Always the girlie with the colorful imagination and 7 year old playful mentality; Lilly took one of my big empty equipment boxes and decided to have a grand adventure on the high seas as captain of her own ship. She grabbed an empty shoebox and decorated it as a treasure chest, got old newspaper and asked daddy how to make a pirate hat out of it and used the rest of the scrap newspaper and made herself an eye patch.

After grabbing a few close-up, candid moments as she was getting herself prepared for her voyage, she was ready to set sail! John, the forever man-child, decided to make her adventure even more exciting and wrote up a scavenger hunt map which she found on one of her deserted island stops. The map sent her to the Cave of icy cold (refrigerator), the pit of fire (extinguisher), into the snowy canyon (her room) climb the Metal Mountain (her loft bed), past the waterfall (bathroom) and through the turkey farm (Harvey and Flower’s resting quarters) before she got to the X where the treasure awaited her…argh!!

Lilly always fills our days with much adventure; some days are fun adventures while others are a bit of a challenge. But that is what being a kid is all about…and we enjoy her crazy, imaginative, free-spirited ways very much!!

Had a nice conversation with a good friend over the weekend, times have changed but a child is still a kid: This post is to remind ALL parents out there to enjoy your kids being kids! They have plenty of time to be on a strict diet of adulthood but only a tiny bit of time to really be a kid! ENJOY!!

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