Happy Birthday to my daddy!!

I am one of the lucky ones who gets to celebrate an amazing father! A father who has been with me through laughter, tears, anger, joy, disappointment and who has always believed in me! It takes a special man to live up to the meaning of father and my daddy has done an amazing job with his title:

I think I was around 5 when I remember him entering my life. I remember he had a gentle smile and he strove to make me laugh, which I did…a lot!! He helped my mom have fun and she was free when she was around him and I loved how much she laughed (and is still laughing with him to this day). He just wanted everyone to be happy…that was his goal years ago and that is still his goal today!

My daddy married my mom when I was 9, I was their flower girl. It was one of the greatest days of my life and I could tell my mom and dad were very happy with each other, too. We officially moved from the city to the country when I turned 11, that was also the year my baby sister was born…in my eyes, our family was complete!

Our family life hasn’t been without the normal struggles and dramas but with it came a strong love bond. The type of bond that has been tested and proven never to break! I love my family, I love my history and I love the father who gave me a daddy! And, who has given me so much of his heart and soul!

I love you, Keith…my daughter’s granpappy…my forever father!! Happy Birthday!!I love you!! See you soon!!

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