Hudson Valley Photographer: Encourage one another!

I am taking Miz Booshay’s beautiful quote and advice to start this post, ‘Encourage one another!’:

The beginning of November I had the extreme pleasure to assist and 3rd shoot with Autumn Photography and her good friend and colleague Aurora Photography (pictures to come soon). One of the most valuable lessons I learned from them (other than lighting for wedding, quick thinking and building confidence) was that networking and being friends with other photographers is a very important and most vital element to being a successful business! Just because there happens to be hundreds of photographers in the same area we shouldn’t look at any as ‘competition’. My philosophy is that there are enough clients/opportunities to go around! Plus, this isn’t a race to see who has the most clients or who is the busiest…it should be about making art and giving the best to the clients you do have! If we all learn from one another we could provide an even greater product all of the time!

When I started this journey I really didn’t have a mentor. I searched but at that time I think photographers were afraid to share. Now with the help and merits of photographers like Chase Jarvis and Jasmine Star, giving/sharing/helping is the KEY! A new outlook has emerged and it is about time! My hopes are that I allow myself to remain open so that I can give whatever I can to whomever approaches me. The Golden Rule shouldn’t just apply to friends and neighbors, it should apply to everything that comes into your life and I try my hardest to live up to that. If I haven’t I hope I am told and/or reminded.

There are a lot of amazing photographers in my area (and throughout the world). I give them all a high five and I thank them for giving amazing works of art that are both unique and true to their own style! I admire and learn every day from each and every one of them. I hope I get to meet many, if not all, of the area photographers who are growing their businesses like I am. The sharing of ideas, experiences and passion for our art would be something more than magical!

So ‘encourage one another’ instead of dismissing them as competition…we ultimately are in this together! 😉

(A sneak peek from the wedding I assisted with Autumn Photography)

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